• FIFA 15
  • 2015/04/22
  • 952

Frequenly Asking Questions(FAQ)

1.Q:How to buy FIFA 15 Account?

   A:You only need to make an order at MMO2D, and offer your correct email address, then we will send all the dates of the mule account to you via email .

2.Q:What can I do with the Mule Account?

   A: Since EA carried out the 'price range', it's really difficult to do trade on transfer market. So with the mule account, you can list up all the players of your own account with their max price, and buy them with the mule account. Then the coins would be transfered to your main account. Or you can also use the mule account to play the game !

3.Q:What does 'Comfort Buy' mean?

   A: As a leading coins seller, we can offer you comfort buy by transfering the coins that you need into your own account. But Please do not log in your account until we finish the order for you .

4.Q:What should I do if I choose Comfort Buy?

   A:The only thing you need do is to send us the psn account, psn password, security answer, and cancel the login verification.

Then you can sit back , wait the coins come to your own account.